The RAGGALUX LED strips are Versatile, flexible, durable and efficient. Due to their flat and narrow design, they are particularly suitable for hidden installations and bring light to places that could not be illuminated so far for reasons of space. They impress with high efficiency, best color quality (CRI value> 90) and different color temperatures. From warm white over cold white up to the color change variant.

Our LED tapes are available in different power levels and color temperatures.
CRI greater than 90 for all bands with white light color. For the ideal match to other light colors, we offer tunable white LED strips, which are adjustable from 2500 – 6500 K.

Other types are available on request.


The associated profiles create a high-quality look and provide the necessary temperature compensation to the environment. For the various purposes and locations, there are construction, installation and corner profiles in various sizes to choose from.

Take advantage of our service.

We cut the profiles and LED strips to your specifications. This saves you valuable assembly time and allows you to concentrate on your customers. In addition, we offer a wide range of special types for special applications.