Raggalux GmbH is based in Raggal, Austria, amidst an idyllic biosphere reserve. We are selling high quality and design-oriented lights. For many years, our heart is beating for luminaires and light, while we always have the design in perspective.  This is our claim, because best results require concentration on the essentials.

The compact Raggalux product range makes your choice easy. Thanks to the clearly listed key performance indicators, you will quickly find the optimum luminaire for your application. Whether shadow-free, diffused light for corridors and staircases, highlights in the form of LED strips / profiles or recessed luminaires – at Raggalux you will effortlessly find your right lighting solution.


Raggalux GmbH opens the doors with a sophisticated and integrated range of high-quality and design-oriented luminaires and at fair prices. We are working hard on ever new luminaires and lighting concepts to make the exciting topic of light accessible to a wider audience.

We distribute our lights exclusively through our dealers. Become one of our dealers too. Contact us today!

Raggalux Kunde des Tages

Neue 2021 Raggalux Leuchten

Endlich eingetroffen! Neue Raggalux Wandleuchten für drinnen und draussen. Tolles Design + Schönes Licht!

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